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How to level up in 2020

2020 has been the year of me betting on myself.

I've invested more time and more money in my personal development than I ever have in life.

It really just occurred to me that like most people, the last real investment I made in my growth and development was in college.

I think there is an unrealistic expectation that you will automatically just keep growing as you get older. I always bought into that whole older and wiser saying, without much thought.

Unfortunately, that's not the case. I realized that if I truly wanted to reach all of my goals - my deepest desires, that I was going to have to start growing and moving outside of what is comfortable.

So this year, I have invested both time and money before I thought I was ready to do it, when I was scared to do it, when I didn't think it was in my budget to do it, and when I didn't think I could possibly find the time to do it.

I'm so glad that I did! It has paid off in so many amazing ways, and I want to share which ones had the most impact.

  1. Mentoring: My longtime mentor was my very first coach. She is the reason that I got into coaching in the first place. Outside of God and my family, she has had the biggest impact on my life. Her tough love, Biblical guidance, and support is the reason I do what I do in coaching my clients. I'll ALWAYS invest time and money to be in her presence.

  2. Certification: Up leveling my coaching skills this year by earning my Life and Weight Coach certification through the Life Coach School has enabled me to not only become a better coach, but a better PERSON. It's given me so much self-awareness and insight into how I am responsible for using what God has equipped me with to create an amazing life.

  3. Coaching: Coaching has given me a level of accountability, as well as major insight into all of the ways I sabotage myself and play small. I'm LIVING in transformation, and that makes me an amazing coach AND business woman. My coaching is what helps me guide my clients in their very own amazing transformations.

  4. Personal Training: Few things have challenged me physically more than my personal training this year. The work I've been doing on my mind has helped me to be able to push myself further than I ever have in my physical body.

  5. Brand Photos: After months of being in quarantine, getting all dolled up and taking pretty photos was just what the doctor ordered! This photo shoot came right on time for my newly branded website and made me feel like a million bucks.

Those are my top 5 investments from this year. Whatever goals you have set for yourself, make sure you reach out for support. Whether it's through coaching, therapy, learning a new skill, joining a mastermind, or just finding time to do something you've always wanted to do - find a way to invest in yourself. You and your mind are your biggest assets!

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