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Thoughts about Money with Keina Newell

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Keina Newell is a financial coach that works with hard-working and passionate women who need help creating clear financial goals. She helps her clients move towards managing their money with joy and possibility. Keina founded Wealth Over Now, where she helps her clients conquer money stress. We discuss Keina's journey from a teacher to mastering her finances and using budgeting to achieve milestones.

It's essential to address lack and scarcity mindsets to understand individual money experiences. We talk about helping people redefine their relationship with money and align their spending with their values. There is no perfect time to make a money plan. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll make progress. Keina also shares some of her client success stories and how taking control of our money increases our opportunities and abundance.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:19] Keina shares her background and how she went from being a teacher to balancing her finances and knowing her numbers. She was focused on saving money and hitting milestones through budgeting.

  • [07:15] For Keina, budgeting and knowing her numbers was a tool for expansion, not retraction.

  • [09:35] People have an underlying fear or flavor of scarcity around money based on their experiences and how they've been informed. We need to take into account what people have experienced when it comes to money.

  • [11:58] Addressing the scarcity mindset includes going into why people feel that way. We need to address the underlying belief.

  • [14:03] Flip your thoughts about the scarcity mindset and unwind what's holding you back.

  • [15:49] Keina shares how she was able to work for herself and pay herself a salary and meet financial goals.

  • [18:36] What would it look like to you to be good with money? People have an idea about what holds them back.

  • [22:58] Some clients have problems with spending. Fundamentally, it's good to look at your goals and get into the space of how you envision yourself showing up financially and what your values are.

  • [26:03] Different people have different aha moments when it comes to money.

  • [30:27] Money touches every area of our lives. Keina loves the stories that are about life shifts.

  • [31:14] Keina shares money narratives that she doesn't like, things like shaming and making people feel bad about money. She wants people to have a balance with money.

  • [35:22] Don't wait until the perfect time to make a money plan. People procrastinate because they think taking control of their finances includes sacrifice.

  • [37:08] Wealth over now is about the idea of delayed gratification and creating the life that you love.

  • [40:04] Keina shares a financial success story of one of her clients. There is so much to gain and feel better about your money.

  • [48:14] Take a moment to celebrate your wins and think of three ways that you've done something right with your money.

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