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The Most Important Thing

Building a successful business is easy.

A year ago, I would have passed out even typing that. 

In fact, believing the exact opposite of that seemed very true to me. 

“Building a successful business is sooooo hard.”

“Making money is hard, and I really want to help people, so maybe I shouldn't charge $X.”

These are all thoughts that I had taken on as a beliefs. They all seemed like facts to me. 

Since then, I've done a lot of work around thoughts that don't really do me any good as a business owner or as a person.

Thinking "this is soooooo hard" doesn't make it any easier.  It doesn't make it fun, it makes it painful and difficult. 

That doesn't really help a whole lot, and it's not a fact. 

Everyone doesn't think building a successful business is hard.  Some people think it is fun, awesome, and challenging in the best way.  


The thought is a choice either way.

And it's the same thing with money.  When you doubt your value, then you make excuses for not charging people according to the value you bring to them. 

You think you are being of service, but really you are just doubting your own self-worth and ability.  You aren't standing in integrity to who you are. Doing this work has been an integral part of my growth, and it is now what I use to help my clients. 

Because this applies to anything we try to do in life. 

We can choose to think “it’s a lot” or “it’s overwhelming” or “it’s hard” – that doesn’t make it any less so. Having those thoughts just make us more stressed, more miserable, and they are just not useful.

The actions you take from a place of stress and misery are not going to be favorable.  You won’t get the results you want.  The most important thing is understanding that you control your thoughts, and you can choose to think whatever you want.  

It’s just as easy to think positive thoughts as it is to think negative ones – it just takes a little practice.

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