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Don't throw away 2020 yet!

Are you thinking about 2021 already?  

Are you planning out what you want it to look like, and what goals you want to achieve?

Generally, about this time, most people start doing an evaluation. You might be tempted to look back over this year, and just want to throw it all away.  You might think it's too late in the year to make any real, significant changes in your life.  

You're wrong about that though.  

Let me share with you just a few things my clients have done in the past month.  

  • Created an online course with her expertise to help others

  • Started a t-shirt brand that explains and displays the names of God (with proceeds going to the non-profit she started)

  • Made a firm decision to leave a job and start her dream business in consulting by the age of 30

  • Signed on to represent a world renowned fashion brand

  • Became a brand ambassador for several national companies

  • Pushed past fear and insecurity to sign up for coaching

  • Started writing articles and showing up as an industry thought leader in the field of diversity

Outside of these accomplishments, my clients have had major shifts in the way they think.  Many of them will catch their thoughts before I even have a chance to say anything.  They can see more clearly now, all of the ways their thoughts have held them back.  They are saying yes, when fear and insecurity tells them to say no. 

I know that you have had success in your life.  I also know that you want more out of your life.  In order to do that, you need a plan of action that can help you duplicate the success you already have in one area in all areas of your life.  

The problem is that society has conditioned you to believe that you can't have it all, which makes you feel guilty and like you “should” be happy with what you have.  You feel like you shouldn't ask for more.  

I believe that when you are walking in obedience to God and the plan and purpose He has for your life, that there is no good thing He will withhold from you.  

That looks like: 

  • having a successful career AND a loving relationship

  • being an amazing mom AND have a rocking, healthy body adorned in clothes that make you feel beautiful

  • feeling purposeful in your business AND making tons of money by serving and adding value to others

You shouldn't have to compromise or neglect one area of life, just to be successful in another.  

Before you throw 2020 away, I want you to try this: 

  1. Write down one goal you want to accomplish between now and December 31, 2020.

  2. Write down the way you think achieving that goal will make you feel.

  3. Practice feeling that way NOW by thinking thoughts that create it.  (for example, if you think you will feel confident once you reach your goal, what thoughts can you think and believe now that already make you feel confident)

Here's why this is important.  We become the person who achieves the goal and THEN we achieve it.  

So start being the woman who has already achieved your goal. Live your life like her.  Make decisions like her.  Become her now. 

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