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Spreading Kindness with Maria Berglund

Maria Berglund is the Founder & Executive Director of In Kind Boxes, a nonprofit that Maria started to help new mothers in need. She noticed a huge lack of support and resources for new moms, especially those without many resources. She decided to do something about it and started a nonprofit that donates postpartum gift boxes to new mothers.

Her organization has helped more than 1200 families in need since November 2019. They now help families across the country with the help of local partners. Maria shares why giving back is so important for her. We learn about the courage that can be found when you have a purpose bigger than yourself. She also shares her “secret, not so secret” plans and dreams for her organization.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:37] Maria's work is focused on postpartum support and helping moms feel like they are not alone in their motherhood journey. Her work provides new moms with essentials for themselves and their babies.

  • [03:11] She was raised by a single mom, and understands what it's like to need help.

  • [05:00] The Finnish community provides boxes with baby essentials when a mom leaves the hospital. Maria wanted something similar in the US.

  • [07:45] Maria shares her obstacles when starting In Kind Boxes.

  • [09:37] She blocked out her inner negative dialogue and followed her passion and pushed her way through.

  • [11:31] It's okay to be driven and passionate. You can be a mom and still be passionate about things outside of motherhood.

  • [12:37] Maria's been on Good Morning America and in the national spotlight. It was scary, but she kept her mind on her purpose of getting more eyes on her website and helping more people.

  • [13:38] Maria is happy to bring a smile to someone's face through her work.

  • [14:39] The first donation was in November of 2019. Maria has been doing this for three years.

  • [15:01] Maria shares a story of taking gift boxes to the Ronald McDonald House in Portland and how moving it was when a family came up and thanked her.

  • [18:05] Maria shares her big dreams and plans for future support and a center.

  • [19:41] At first, they were packing boxes at home. Now they have a warehouse.

  • [20:57] It's okay to let yourself do that thing that lights you up. Get out of your own way and believe in yourself.

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