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Self Grieving

If you're feeling like you're at a crossroads, this is the episode for you. We're going to discuss how to not only reach your next level, but also how to stay there without falling back into old habits and patterns. Sometimes, we need to take a pause in order to move forward.

Making it to the next level can be a surreal and exciting experience, but it can also come with a period of adjustment that many of us fail to acknowledge. I’m going to talk about stabilizing at your new level including grieving and celebrating. It’s time to take a breath and honor ourselves for all that we've accomplished and all that we will achieve.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:37] We all love moving to the next level, but we often miss that period of adjustment that's required when we do finally reach that next level.

  • [01:57] There can be shock and elation when you've finally made it. It can almost seem surreal, especially when you've wanted something for so long. You spent time imagining what it would be like and now you're living it.

  • [02:17] I want you to be aware of all of the feelings that come with this. In particular, notice where your brain slowly and quietly pulls you back or thrusts you forward.

  • [02:51] Out of an effort to keep you safe, your brain will either convince you to move forward or move backwards.

  • [03:07] We rarely take the time to stabilize at our new level.

  • [03:26] Grieving and celebration both play a role in our continued growth and leveling up.

  • [04:20] Take the time to mourn the loss of who you were. Grieve for her.

  • [04:51] Letting her go is part of the process. Without the step, your brain will try to get you back to the perceived normal.

  • [05:20] Write down how parts of you were holding you back and how they are no longer needed.

  • [06:07] With your grieving process, include celebration for who you are now and who you are becoming.

  • [06:27] Hustle mode is moving from one achievement to the next without ever taking a breath or a pause.

  • [07:33] Take the time to honor who you have been, who you are being, and who you are becoming.

Links and Resources:

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