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Repurposing your Life

How is your past affecting you? Have you thought that your life would be different if you had made different choices at one time or another? Our pasts affect our lives according to our thoughts—the results we have in life start and end with us. We may blame things on events from the past or choose to ignore past events that affected how we perceive ourselves.

I’m going to go through how we deal with past thoughts and share a method to inventory how our beliefs about past events affect us and how to choose a new, better path forward. Even if you think the past is over, it’s possible that you could still be acting subconsciously from those events and subsequent thoughts.

These practical tips will help you repurpose and change your perception of the past in a way that helps you take steps towards a positive future. It’s time for you to create the life you want and deserve and are meant to have. It’s time to decide that you will determine your future and change your mindset to live the life you were meant to live.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:11] People who believe their past is negatively impacting their future either ignore the past altogether or blame every unwanted result on the past.

  • [02:23] People who ignore the past avoid any acknowledgment or impact that the past has had on their life. They push away any thoughts of the past because they fear what will happen if they allow those thoughts.

  • [03:28] Your thoughts create your feelings. Feelings drive actions and actions create all of the results we have in life.

  • [04:01] There is absolutely no shame in seeking out help when you're dealing with the thoughts that you have about the past. Seeking out a therapist is one of the bravest things that you can do.

  • [04:13] The second group of people blame everything wrong on their past or on somebody from their past. This keeps you in a constant battle that you can't win because you can't argue with the reality of what happened.

  • [06:07] Decide from this point forward that no matter what your past was, you will determine the path that you take in the future. Do the work to change your mindset.

  • [07:04] Write about some of the defining moments of your life. Then go back and list just the facts. A powerful way to do this is to remove all of the adjectives from your story.

  • [08:27] Compare the two stories. You get to decide which version you want to use the build on. The thoughts driven by those adjectives that caused the feelings are what keep us stuck.

  • [09:26] Look back over the parts of your life story that you thought disqualified you or made you less than and come up with three reasons why going back through them has equipped you to achieve your biggest dreams.

  • [10:25] This will release you from the self-imposed barriers that you've placed on yourself from the past. When you learn how to repurpose and change your thoughts about your life, you become a different caliber of strong.

  • [11:05] Let this be the year that you take care of yourself and ask for the help that you need. This allows you to be the woman that you were meant to be and gives you the capacity to do more for others.

  • [12:33] I'm grateful to my past for teaching me __________________ fill in the blank.

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