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Relationship Goals

This week we're going to talk about how you can improve every relationship that you have without the other person changing one bit. Whether it be with a family member, friend, or coworker, relationships are a huge part of our lives. Many times, our relationships even dictate how we view our lives.

If our relationships are going well, we believe life is going well. If they aren't going well, we think that life isn't so great. When we base how we feel on relationships, we are really basing how we feel on other people. Today, I want to help free you from the emotional rollercoaster that relationships can put you on. There’s freedom in creating the relationships you love without the other person having to change.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:35] What's a relationship? We often attribute our relationship to something the other person is doing. We look at our feelings as reciprocal to the other person's feelings and behaviors.

  • [03:19] Relationships are your thoughts about that person and their thoughts about you.

  • [04:10] Thinking loving thoughts about a person no matter what will instantly improve your relationship.

  • [04:31] When you change your thoughts about someone and think loving thoughts about them, you create feelings of love. Your actions will line up with those feelings of love.

  • [05:01] The more you practice these thoughts on purpose, the more you will behave in a loving manner. The other person will also begin to shift their behavior.

  • [07:07] Doing this work can help you make a decision whether you are staying in the relationship or not.

  • [08:11] You manage how you're thinking about your relationships. You make decisions from a managed mind.

  • [08:26] You can set a boundary because you're no longer trying to dictate or control another person's behavior to make you feel a certain way.

  • [08:48] Think about a relationship that you really want to improve. Write down all of the thoughts you have about that other person. Look at all of the judgments you have about that person and see where you are doing the same thing. Decide which thoughts are serving you in which thoughts aren't.

  • [10:12] Create new thoughts you believe right now about this person and practice thinking them.

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