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Real Self Care with Dr. Nothando Wohlgeschaffen

Dr. Nothando Wohlgeschaffen is a medical doctor and a life coach. She’s also a former client. We will dive into what led her to life coaching and how she helps other busy professionals find balance in their hectic lives. When she was becoming a doctor, people would comment on her soft skills. She developed even more one-on-one and communication skills and started helping other professionals during the pandemic.

She realized that she enjoyed life coaching, but there was only one problem. She was a doctor. She did the work and realized that being true to yourself and your gifts is more important than being wrapped up in titles. We have a conversation about some of these struggles that she had. Then she talks about some of the struggles that her clients have had. We also talk about being driven and giving yourself grace when needed.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:23] Dr. Nothando got into life coaching when she realized that she had great soft skills. She kept working on her one-on-one and communication skills. She realized other people might need support outside of a therapeutic relationship. She began coaching other clinicians during the pandemic.

  • [07:37] We talk about not getting wrapped up in titles, and a doctor can be a couch. Dr. Nothando and I worked together to help her expand personally, professionally, and spiritually.

  • [11:30] As a coach, you can see your main struggles in your clients and identify with them.

  • [12:13] People who see Dr. Nothando want to create more time for themselves and their lives. They want to be as healthy as they want others to be.

  • [14:26] She loves her patients, but also enjoys having time to coach. She loves her job and wants more.

  • [16:07] There's a lot of “should thinking” which is a cognitive distortion. A lot of clients also feel unsure about what they should do. Worry about how things are going to turn out can keep you stuck.

  • [18:12] High achieving clients want to know everything before getting started.

  • [19:14] Dr. Nothando did a cooking class with a client. Instead of talking about meal prep, they just cooked during a session.

  • [21:03] Dr. Nothando shares a client story who wanted dating coaching, but two family members were diagnosed with serious illnesses right when the coaching started. She shares a breakthrough moment where her client realized her goals are important, but she can also be kind to herself and take a step back.

  • [24:49] One tip to take care of yourself is to practice using the same level of care that you would for your patients and clients.

  • [25:54] If we treat ourselves like we treat other people, we would be so much more in tune with what we need at the moment.

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