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From Chaos to Calm with Jenna Hermans

Jenna Hermans is a Certified High-Performance Coach with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Organizational Management. With over 15 years of experience in HR and having run a preschool for over 5 years, she specializes in helping families and individuals create systems to find joy in their lives and build pleasure back into their world. Jenna's focus is on helping clients own their calm, find lost energy, and do what they love without suffering or losing sleep.

She is also the author of the recently published book, Chaos to Calm, which is a guide for busy parents to streamline their tasks, create more time, and reduce stress. The book covers topics such as efficiency, habits, communication, community, and self-care, and provides simple tasks and how-to guides to help parents lower the frenetic pace of daily life. Using examples from a variety of parents and her own life, Hermans demonstrates that anyone can take control of their busy lives and embrace what really matters while achieving and maintaining calm.

We dive into how Jenna defines chaos. She shares her own story of having panic attacks and losing her structured routine. We talk about tools she used to come out of this. We talk about communication and active listening. We learn about how Jenna time blocks her calendar based on energy flows and puts in transitional buffers to own her time. She shares about the "your turn" elements in her book. Jenna wants readers to know that they can achieve any goal, big or small, and to be the role model they wish they would have had.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:24] Jenna has been working on Chaos to Calm for about four years. It feels amazing to finally have it out into the world.

  • [03:40] Chaos to Calm is for everyone, not just parents. Her inspiration was that this is the book she needed.

  • [05:36] Jenna defines chaos as the swirl of things that make us feel out of control and overwhelmed.

  • [06:29] Jenna shares a story about a day when she was having panic attacks and reacting to everything around her. Everything fell apart when she lost her structured routine. On this particular day, she knew something needed to change.

  • [09:19] On this day, she had to remind herself that she had the tools and the education, and the experience to come out of this.

  • [10:25] After implementing the tools in her belt, people started asking what she was doing. She began writing down everything she was implementing.

  • [12:10] One of the biggest intangibles was being better about how she communicated.

  • [12:39] Active listening is one of the things that really helped Jenna improve her life. It's also a chapter in her book. Listening is a huge part of building relationships and trust with the person that we're trying to communicate with.

  • [14:42] The importance of just being present and listening.

  • [17:13] Jenna was able to make her calendar airtight and time block based on energy flows and what she needs to accomplish. She also puts in transitional buffers.

  • [18:10] She began owning her time and getting clear on what she needed to do at any moment.

  • [19:20] The book has your turn elements which asks questions and gives the reader time to reflect.

  • [20:56] Jenna wants her readers to know that they can do any goal big or small.

  • [21:50] One piece of advice is to be the role model that you wish you would have had.

  • [22:50] Part of being a dangerous woman includes being able to turn chaos into calm.

  • [23:30] The one thing we all have in common when it comes to a sense of calm is that our nervous system is calm.

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