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Empowering Women w/Rachael Seda

My friend and former client, Rachael Seda, is here to talk about empowering women in all of the right ways. Rachael is the CEO and co-founder of Mix + Shine Marketing, a seven-figure Virginia Beach-based marketing and PR agency. Rachael and her business partner, April, built this business from the ground up while being amazing wives and mothers. We learn about the agency's founding and how they were able to create success in their own lives while bringing along as many women as possible.

We kick off the show talking about how and why Rachael and April first met and how they started talking about opening their agency over dinner and drinks. Rachael wanted to create an agency that empowered herself and other women to work hard but still have a life outside of work. We also talked about her first coaching call and how mom guilt was an issue. Rachael has been able to rise to the occasion as CEO and live a life where she makes time for things that matter to her, like family and tennis. Rachael breaks it all down along with some great parting advice.

Episode Highlights:

  • [04:45] Rachael had followed April on Twitter and met her in person at a job interview. Rachael ended up getting the job and getting engaged on the same day.

  • [06:50] They worked together for two years at an agency. During this time they started working on a plan to launch their own agency.

  • Starting the business was the best decision, and they haven't looked back since.

  • [12:34] Rachael wanted to leave a legacy and create a work environment where having children was valued. As a CEO and leader, she wanted someone to talk to and discovered she needed a life coach.

  • [17:21] A lot of her first coaching calls were dealing with mom guilt.

  • [18:42] She has dinner with her family and has great conversations with her kids. Dinnertime creates an environment to raise responsible human beings.

  • [20:25] Managing your mind helps you respond in different ways. We can't control what other people think. We can only control where we are coming from.

  • [21:37] Instead of being annoyed, she tries to come from a place of reaching the goal of having a happy client. Be empowering and solve the problem, sometimes mistakes happen.

  • [22:35] I enjoyed seeing Rachael rise to the occasion of being a CEO and getting out of the weeds. She now does things that are important to her like playing tennis. She needs to make space for herself.

  • [27:10] Sometimes we find value in being busy. We have value just because we are human beings. Rachael let go and leaned into her role in the business.

  • [28:20] She is passionate about female empowerment. Her business is female-owned and has a lot of beautiful female employees. It's a safe environment where they have fun and get stuff done.

  • [29:32] As a team, everyone comes together and helps out when someone has an issue and needs time to deal with it. It's a safe place to have something outside of work that you care about.

  • [35:03] The work that Rachael did in coaching made her an example to show people what's possible. You don't have to choose family, mom, or wife over work.

  • [36:21] Trust your gut instinct. Ask for what you want.

  • [38:57] Find out what song would make the best theme song for Rachael!

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