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Easily Offended

If you get easily offended, this episode is for you. This week we dive into what it means to be offended, why we get offended, and how we can stop being easily offended. I go over the definition of being offended and share an even better example in a paper by two Italian psychologists.

We have so many opportunities to take offense from the media we are bombarded with and by people around us. It’s essential to understand why we take offense and how we can develop that strong, dangerous woman's self-concept to feel less offended and have the ability to dismiss the destructive words or use the insight as an opportunity to grow.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:40] Offended means feeling or expressing hurt, indignation, or irritation because of a perceived wrong or insult.

  • [02:09] A better definition is to be triggered by a blow to a person's honor because it contradicts a person's self-concept and identity.

  • [03:19] When we get offended, it's not the words or actions that cause the offense. It's our thoughts about those words that cause us to be offended.

  • [03:55] Challenged viewpoints. Our brains perceive these as a threat, and in response, we get offended. We get offended when other people don't behave or respond in a way that we would.

  • [04:20] A strong self-concept and knowing who you are will allow you to grow from words and actions that are intended to help you grow.

  • [04:47] Use the words and actions to evolve and grow and better yourself.

  • [05:02] Having a weaker self-concept will cause you to internalize and take offense.

  • [05:16] A dangerous woman filters all of the information through her very solid self-concept and decides what to do with it.

  • [05:29] Give yourself grace, compassion, and patience. 1. Come to peace with the fact that everyone has a different worldview. It's important to accept this. 2. Understand what triggers you and ask yourself why. 3. Examine the intent of the other person.

  • [10:11] Sometimes people say things that aren't in your best interest and aren't necessarily for growth. When this happens you have to stand in your strong dangerous woman concept and dismiss it. Not the person, but the messaging. Consider the source before taking offense.

Links and Resources:

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