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Easily Annoyed

It’s easy to get annoyed. It can bother us. It can build up and make us more and more upset. It’s annoying just to think about being someone who gets annoyed. I’m going to share a three-step system that will help us stop and realize what’s happening so that we can change our thoughts, feelings, and expectations in order to escape from the annoyance trap.

I share a story about one of my clients who was getting annoyed with her co-workers. I share how she changed the way that she looked at things and how she was able to control how she would show up and not other people’s behavior. If you are easily annoyed, this episode will give you tools to deal with feelings of annoyance.

Episode Highlights:

  • [05:40] Annoyance happens to all of us, not just the Virgos.

  • [06:10] Being easily annoyed bothers me, so I don't want to walk around claiming it.

  • [06:34] Emotions aren't inherently bad or good, it's how we choose to respond to them.

  • [07:12] The reason we get annoyed is because we think things should be different than they are in reality. We're holding the world up to our own personal standards, and we get annoyed when it falls short of that.

  • [07:35] When we realize that the reason we're annoyed is because we think people are annoying and stupid is the moment we take our control and power back.

  • [07:55] This realization will get us out of the endless loop of thoughts that keep us annoyed.

  • [08:06] There's no escape when we spend all of our mental energy batting around how we think things should be in our minds.

  • [08:21] Step two is to interrupt the loop when we realize what is actually happening.

  • [08:47] Step three is where we add how we're going to respond in a way that makes us feel proud of who we are.

  • [09:02] You get to make a conscious decision and be intentional about how you show up.

  • [10:40] My client took her control back and took ownership of why she felt a certain way, so she could show up as the leader she wanted to be.

  • [11:13] Getting out of annoyance helps you to set healthy clear boundaries. You don't have to allow others to behave any certain kind of way around you. Getting out of annoyance has more to do with you than the other person.

  • [12:13] When you're annoyed, the way you respond to others will likely do more harm than good.

  • [15:00] You can sit in annoyance and respond to it, or you can learn how to shift your way out of it. This work is for you to respond better. Take ownership, don't assign it to something outside of yourself.

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