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5 Keys to Happiness

Do you feel like you're at a place where you're just existing? Are you ready to start living your life to the fullest? If so, you'll love this episode because I'm going to tell you the five keys to happiness. When you focus on and hone these five things, you'll stop feeling like you're treading water and start living a life beyond your wildest dreams.

You listeners have heard me talk about living a life you love and creating a purposeful life. If you've listened to this and thought it wasn't possible or possible for you, I would like you to lean into this episode. If you've ever thought that living the best life possible was for other people and not you, I'd like for you to reconsider that today! This episode is about focusing intentionally on the five keys to happiness.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:04] Your life will change if you focus on the five keys to happiness with intention. We are going to spend the rest of the year diving into these keys.

  • [03:22] The first key to happiness is peace. I'm talking about inner peace of mind regardless of the circumstances that you are in.

  • [04:07] True peace comes from being in alignment with yourself and who God created you to be.

  • [04:37] The second key to happiness is good health both physically and mentally. We often put our health on the back burner. Imagine how productive you could be if you were in the best shape of your life. What if you felt resilient in every way and had boundless amounts of energy?

  • [06:09] Key number three is having genuine loving relationships. Healthy, fulfilling, and mutually beneficial relationships with other people is a major key to living a life that you love.

  • [07:07] Key number four is financial freedom. Being able to have the money that you need to live the life that you choose is an essential part of life. We don't have peace of mind when we're worrying about money.

  • [08:05] The final key to happiness is having a clear purpose in life. This is doing what you were put on this Earth to do. These are the things that you're doing that make you feel like you have a clear impact on the world.

  • [08:30] True happiness comes when you are knowing and believing that your life stands for something. There's a sense of fulfillment and purpose with this knowledge.

  • [09:05] This is an overview. For the rest of the year, we're going to look at how thought and action can help us create the life we want to live in these areas.

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