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3 Steps To A Life With No Regrets

If you're going through your life with a long list of regrets, this episode is for you. This week, I'm talking about different types of regret and how you can use your regret to create and live your best life. It's time to live a life with no regrets. You might be struggling with regret in some parts of your life. You may feel sadness or disappointment over something that has happened or has been done.

We will talk about four types of regret as categorized by Daniel Pink. These include foundation, moral, connection, and boldness. We will talk about each type and how it affects your life, and how you can use regret to move forward. I will give you a three-step method that will make you bolder when taking chances, so you can honor yourself while going after your deepest God-given desires. You'll have stronger relationships and tighter connections, and you'll love yourself more.

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:49] Foundation regrets are the regret you feel when you feel like you haven't done the work. This is when you don't have the necessary foundation such as saving for retirement or completing your degree.

  • [02:20] Moral regrets occur when we feel like we've done something wrong. Examples of this can include cheating on a test or stealing or even telling a lie.

  • [02:31] Connection regrets are all about relationships. These are the feelings that come from fractured relationships or relationships that have drifted apart. Not feeling loved or not spending enough time with someone can be classified as a connection regret.

  • [02:51] Boldness regrets is probably the largest category. This is regret from missing a chance or an opportunity. This is the chance that wasn't taken.

  • [04:58] Step 1: Forgive yourself. When you live a life with regret, it's because you haven't let yourself off the hook for making the choices that you made.

  • [05:36] Accept that you made a choice that you're not proud of and keep in mind that the decision does not define you. Accepting what is the only way out of the loop.

  • [06:48] Step 2: Reframe your regret with a but. We are trying to create new feelings from the thoughts we have that are currently causing us to feel regretful.

  • [09:24] A helpful way to create a reframing thought is to add a but, a small but very powerful word that connects sentences. In this case, it connects your current thought to your new thought that you would like to believe.

  • [11:27] Step 3: Practice thinking your but statement. It seems like nothing is working, but all things work together for my good.

  • [12:32] This method will work for all of our negative emotions like regret, discouragement, and anger.

  • [12:48] Repeat these steps for every area in your life that you are feeling regret. The more you practice, the more you will forgive yourself.

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