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2024 Mindset Makeover Part 1

Are you gearing up to make 2024 your most successful year yet? Then this podcast is tailor-made for you. Join me as I guide you through the essential steps to mentally and physically gear up for an outstanding new year. Whether 2023 was a year of challenges or a year where your expectations weren’t fully met, this fresh start is your opportunity to shine.

Perhaps you're reflecting on your 2023 successes, wondering how to surpass them, or you might feel you fell short of your goals. In either case, we'll navigate these feelings and strategize to set you up for unparalleled success. Welcome to Part 1 of our two-part series, where we'll focus on cultivating a winning mindset to kickstart your journey.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:53] It's time to take this mindset information in and put it into practice. Take action.

  • [03:30] Evaluate your year. Ask yourself the following questions. 1. How am I different now than I was in January? Think about the positives and the negatives. How have the positive changes impacted your life?

  • [04:08] 2. How have I stayed the same? How has this helped or hindered me?

  • [04:35] After answering these questions, ask yourself where you believe that you have the most work to do.

  • [07:03] I've noticed that there were times where I just coasted in my business. I looked at the tangible outcomes and my business and clients have increased, but I didn't hit all of my goals.

  • [09:00] Know when and where you need to push and where you need to pause. This is important as you decide how you want 2024 to look.

  • [10:25] Have a picture of what you want the year to look like before you go out and set your big goals. Envision what you want your everyday life to be like.

  • [11:08] Everything is determined by how you answer the question of what you want your life to look like.

  • [12:44] Allow yourself to dream and listen to the information that comes up in your mind.

  • [13:25] When you capture all the thoughts about your dreams, your unconscious limitations will come up. Challenge these thoughts and fight for the opposite.

  • [15:33] Fight for the possibilities as opposed to fighting for the limitations.

  • [18:06] Practice catching your limiting thoughts and ignoring other people's possible limiting thoughts.

  • [19:52] After you've tackled what you want your life to look like and the limiting thoughts, then it's time to work on the how.

  • [20:40] Really take time and spend it on these two steps and next week we will tackle the action stage.

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