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The Entrepreneur Journey with Lisa Mastela

I’m excited to speak with founder and business owner Lisa Mastela. She is a registered dietitian who started making smoothies based on her nutritional needs during pregnancy. This led to her founding Bumpin Blends, a company that offers frozen smoothie cubes designed to support health. Some of the things we talk about include the growth of the company and how they earned $15K in three months. We learn about Lisa’s love of nutrition and the popularity of her smoothie product.

We also talk about how Lisa's husband was her number-one supporter. Lisa shares a lot of entrepreneurial gems including the importance of growing slowly and focusing on staying profitable. Lisa shares her Shark Tank story and all of the time and prep involved. She also shares the last-minute change that prevented her from making her appearance. Even though, at the time it was a huge disappointment, it worked out in the long run. Lisa shares how there’s always another opportunity around the corner.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:21] Lisa is a registered dietitian. She's also always wanted to start her own business. She had been making smoothies with ingredients based upon how she felt.

  • [03:48] When she was pregnant, she would make smoothies based on how she felt and what she needed. By the end of her pregnancy, she was known around the neighborhood for her smoothies.

  • [04:27] Lisa decided to start Bumpin Blends which are frozen smoothie cubes based on functional health. Just pop them in the blender and go.

  • [05:24] She ended up making $15K in 3 months.

  • [07:23] Lisa talks about how entrepreneurs have to have drive and not be stopped by mistakes and failures.

  • [08:47] Making a powder would be easy. Lisa decided to make the hardest thing possible, frozen cubes.

  • [09:31] Bumpin Blends has been around for over four years. The quality is what sets them apart.

  • [11:26] Lisa's husband was always open and supportive of her business. They also focused on growing slowly and staying profitable.

  • [14:19] Competition is not the way to go. Avoid comparison.

  • [17:29] Comparison and transparency. Everyone shows their highlights. Sharing is a delicate balance.

  • [19:57] Lisa shares how she was just about to go on Shark Tank, but couldn't go because of COVID travel restrictions.

  • [26:16] We learn how rough it was to miss the Shark Tank opportunity for Lisa and the business. It's a six to nine month journey just to put together the pitch and work with the producers.

  • [26:55] Lesson learned. Even if there's a big opportunity, you still need to keep the lights on.

  • [31:10] With the entrepreneurial journey, there's lessons and mistakes but there's always another opportunity around the corner.

  • [32:34] Lisa likes being able to control the growth of her company and to be able to spend quality time with her kids.

  • [37:20] Lisa is feeling really good about her future expansion.

  • [40:27] Advice includes following your gut and your path for your product. You don't have to do what everyone else is doing.

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