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Claiming a Seat at the Table with Nadia Murdock

If you've ever felt trapped by someone else's dreams and expectations for you, this episode is a must-listen! Nadia Murdock, a mindset and movement coach, is here to share her insights and wisdom on all things mindset.

Nadia is a certified fitness instructor, coach, content creator, writer, and public speaker. Her journey began when she realized her life was stagnant and weighed down with fears that prevented her from fully embracing the life she was meant to live. Determined to find a solution, she discovered the life-changing power of a health-focused mind and body.

This incredible discovery led to the development of her signature "Train Your Mind, Change Your Body" philosophy, which now forms the foundation of her work. By empowering women to take control of their minds and bodies, Nadia has made it her mission to motivate others to adopt a self-positive mindset that paves the way for healthier choices and true body confidence.

Episode Highlights:

  • [03:01] Nadia wants to show up for women in ways that women didn't show up for her.

  • [04:55] We learn how Nadia's childhood and college years affected how she saw herself. She struggled with friendships and relationships that no longer served her.

  • [08:19] Unresolved childhood trauma about how Nadia felt her brother was the smart one trickled into her life in business.

  • [12:08] Nadia was miserable with her job. Her why and what she wanted to do is what kept her going.

  • [14:38] We talk about reasons why people get stuck.

  • [15:52] We both take barre class. You don't have to get in shape before beginning the class. Nadia wanted a mind-body connection, and she loves barre.

  • [20:57] Being able to navigate in different spaces enables us to have the ability to work with and talk with anybody.

  • [26:27] Nadia talks about meditation and doing personal work really helped with reframing how she thinks, and how she can only control what is in front of her.

  • [27:40] People need to know that they're not alone. Be compassionate, and it's okay to cry and show what you're feeling.

  • [29:23] There's so much freedom once you start to experience the connection that happens with a mind-body transformation.

  • [32:46] If you're looking at your past one way, it can hold you back. It's very important to learn how to reframe your past.

  • [33:29] Krystal shares one of her favorite client stories about reframing childhood pain.

  • [36:03] You need to be able to look at the tough stuff to really transform your life.

  • [38:34] When you have doubts, remind yourself of things that you have already done.

  • [41:02] Affirmations don't truly absorb unless you really understand that you are unique and you can do anything.

  • [42:04] Nadia shares her theme song.

  • [43:24] Write down your feelings. Journaling can turn into the action of letting go and opening up for opportunity.

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