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5 Steps To Get Out Of A Rut

We're rounding out the first quarter of 2022. If you're like me you've had several breakdowns over this time. Everything is going fine until it's not. Suddenly, you get extra work at your job, or your kids act out, or you're struggling with your business. You become frustrated and paralyzed. You know you want to move forward, but you're not doing it. You've become critical because you're not doing what you know you should be doing.

You're in a full-blown rut and getting out of it seems insurmountable. It’s not that you don’t know what to do or that you’re lazy. It’s just that you are stuck with old subconscious programming. This programming is playing in your head without you even realizing it. Today, I’m sharing a process that will pull you out of that rut every single time.

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:47] You end up stuck in a rut. You're just going through the motions and you can't figure out how to do anything differently.

  • [03:07] The problem that causes this is old subconscious programming.

  • [03:47] It's time to learn how to bounce back from setbacks.

  • [03:51] When you feel stuck and unable to move forward I want you to do these four things: 1. Ground yourself. This could be praying, asking for guidance, or meditating.

  • [04:47] 2. Write out all of the thoughts that you had. Allow the thoughts and feelings and write them out. Just allow it to be there.

  • [06:03] I was in a rut last week, and I did the exact process I'm sharing with you today. I grounded myself in prayer and knew that I was in a rut because nothing was working.

  • [07:45] 3. Identify the feeling that's created when you think that thought. You can interchange two and three. We just want to get to the root cause to get out of it.

  • [08:26] Allow yourself to ask the question of how that thought makes you feel and see what comes up.

  • [09:25] 4. Ask yourself what you do or don't do when you feel the feeling that you've identified. Recall how you've behaved or acted when you were feeling this feeling.

  • [10:37] 5. Challenge those thoughts that are holding you back. When you see what action you take when you have those thoughts or feelings, you see what those thoughts or feelings create in your life. Your thoughts will always show up in the results that you have.

  • [11:49] Leveling up your mindset is all about asking yourself high-quality questions. When you challenge thoughts, you do so by looking at the thought from a place of curiosity.

  • [12:43] Push past your I don't know and figure out what it is. Find what's working.

  • [13:55] You get to make a decision based on who you want to be and what line or decision you are going to choose.

  • [14:55] Find that next believable thought that you can build on to get out of the rut.

  • [15:51] Create a new thought to counter the one that isn't working for you.

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